Our Members

Todd Montaba
Golf Professional
Mike Stubler
Auto, Home and Business Insurance
Don Suckow
Retirement Solutions
Suckow Financial Partners
Bonnie Neumann Direct Sales – Beauty Consultant Mary Kay 920-980-4890 bneumann@marykay.com
Teresa Beardsley Floor Cleaning Impress Floor Care  920-564-4278 impressfloorcare@gmail.com
Michael Birenbaum Landscaping Plymouth Landscape Company 920-838-0212 Michael@plymouthlandscapeco.com
Dave Zelm Contractor Dave Zelm, Prestige Builders 920-892-6364 prestige@excel.net
Josh Brunner Mortgage Lender Cleveland State Bank 920-565-6000 josh@clevelandstate.bank
Laura Corrao Realtor North Shore Homes  920-451-8680 northshorelaura@yahoo.com
Jeff Radtke Telecommunications US Cellular 920-946-0201 jeff.radtke@uscellular.com
Bill Weinaug Entertainment – Dirt Track Plymouth Dirt Racing 920-627-1217  BWeinaug@ShebCoFair.com
Tim Dolfin Water Treatment Complete Water 920-564-2523 Tim@completewaterinc.com
Sarah Sawatzki Reflexology   920-918-4689 bereflexologywi@gmail.com
Megan Walters Chiropractor Sheboygan Chiropractic 920-457-6650 shebchiro@gmail.com
Mary Anne Blust Foster Care Services Kindred Heart Families 920-400-2678 kindredheartfamilies@yahoo.com
Angie Gordon Personalized Gifts Sheboygan Gifts 920-254-2151 contact@gathered-sown.com
Pam Greger Prescription Drugs Global Health Solutions 920-451-8499 cdsofsheboygan@hotmail.com
Steve Schouten Radio Advertising WHBL 920-694-0333 Steve.schouten@mwcradion.com
Bill Horsch Relocation Services Caring Transitions 920-980-6131 billandlaurie@sbcglobal.net
Brian VanWageningen Glass Service The Glass Guru 920-894-4878 Sheboygan@theglassguru.com
Kristina George Health Insurance Next Step Insurance 920-268-1600 Kristina@NextStep-Insurance.com
Scott Stangel Local Sporting Sheboygan Athletic Club 920-946-6764 sstangel@sheboyganbaseball.org