Welcome to Partners in Success!

Sheboygan's Partners in Success members work to improve business for each otherPartners in Success is an independent networking chapter in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Member businesses serve Sheboygan County and beyond. Membership in Partners in Success is reasonably priced, and all money collected stays in our local chapter. Our membership consists of only one person per profession, so we work together instead of competing with each other. There are a variety of professions we would like to add to our network.

Partners in Success meets twice monthly to provide a structured and supportive environment to build business relationships among qualified business professionals in the Sheboygan community. Each member has the opportunity at every meeting to talk about his or her business and request referrals. Additionally, at each meeting a member takes a turn as the featured speaker, giving a more in depth look at his or her business. We also learn tips to build professional networks. An informal monthly lunch and occasional social events help promote friendships between members as well.

To promote our businesses, members carry and pass along each other’s business cards, mutually marketing through word of mouth recommendations, the most cost effective form of advertising. Strong relationships foster the giving and receiving of business referrals, helping members to substantially increase business. If you’d like to increase your business, contact Partners in Success!